Meet the team

Who's who at More Music?

 Welcome to More Music, Loz Kaye!

More Music is delighted to announce the appointment of Loz Kaye as Artistic Director and successor to Pete Moser who founded the organisation in 1993.

Loz Kaye is musical director, choir leader, educator, workshop leader, composer and advocate for inspiring communities. His work has been heard from Nashville Tennessee to Okinawa Japan.  

 "I am completely thrilled to be joining an organisation that is such a leading force in empowering  individuals and communities through music. All my work has been about helping people to find their voice through creative arts. I’m very much looking forward to leading the conversation about why music is needed in education and in our public life. 

Pete Moser is an incredible inspiration, he has been to me, like so many others. He has given a fantastic legacy that we can continue to build on together in More Music.” Said Loz.

We have a board of trustees, a leadership team of three directors, an administrative team including finance, marketing and administrative support and a core music delivery team of five music leaders. In addition there are musicians who work for us locally and across Lancashire on a regular basis.

Founder - Pete Moser

Board of Trustees

  • Sam Ud Din
  • Liz Neat
  • Steve Varden (Chair)
  • Adrian Lochhead
  • Andy Stratford
  • Lauren Zawadzki
  • Simon Harrison

Leadership Team

  • Kerry Duffin, Operations Director
  • Loz Kaye, Artistic Director 
  • Kathryn MacDonald, Development Director

Administrative Team

  • Rodney Adams, Workforce Development Manager
  • Keeley Baughan, Community Development Assistant
  • Helen Chapman, Finance Officer
  • Anna Daly, Community Development Worker
  • Nicky Donnelly, Project Manager
  • Maxine Dixon, Facilities Manager 
  • Darren Leadsom, Marketing Officer/Project Manager/Music Leader
  • Rebecca Lockley, Company Administrator
  • Kelly Thurston, Marketing Officer
  • Sandra Wood, Marketing and Communications Manager

Technical Team

  • Teresa Hall, General Assistant
  • Rick Middleton, IT Manager

Music Leaders (core team)

  • Ben McCabe, Hothouse Events Manager/Music Leader
  • Rick Middleton, Chinese Ensemble Project Manager/ Music Leader
  • Rachel Parsons, Stages Project Manager/Music Leader
  • Anni Tracy, Music Leader
  • Ashley Murphy, Music Leader

Music Leaders (freelance team)

  • Emma Williams, Music Leader
  • Ben Farmer, Music Leader
  • Richard French, Music Leader
  • Steve Lewis, Music Leader
  • Leroy Lupton, Music Leader
  • Sian Phillips, Music Leader
  • Matt Robinson, Music Leader
  • Bill Roberts, Music Leader
  • Dave Shooter, Music Leader

How to reach us

If you would like to contact any member of staff you can email them following this pattern: