Meet the team

Who's who at More Music?

We have a board of trustees, a leadership team of three directors, an administrative team including finance, marketing and administrative support and a core music delivery team of five music leaders. In addition there are musicians who work for us locally and across Lancashire on a regular basis.

Board of Trustees

  • Sam Ud Din
  • Liz Neat
  • Steve Varden (Chair)
  • Adrian Lochhead
  • Andy Stratford
  • Lauren Zawadzki
  • Simon Harrison

Leadership Team

  • Kerry Duffin, Operations Director
  • Kathryn MacDonald, Development Director
  • Pete Moser, Artistic Director and CEO

Administrative Team

  • Rodney Adams, Workforce Development Manager
  • Keeley Baughan, Community Development Assistant
  • Helen Chapman, Finance Officer
  • Anna Daly, Community Development Worker
  • Nicky Donnelly, Project Manager
  • Maxine Dixon, Facilities Manager 
  • Darren Leadsom, Marketing Officer/Project Manager/Music Leader
  • Rebecca Lockley, Company Administrator
  • Kelly Thurston, Marketing Officer
  • Sandra Wood, Marketing and Communications Manager

Technical Team

  • Teresa Hall, General Assistant
  • Rick Middleton, IT Manager

Music Leaders (core team)

  • Ben McCabe, Hothouse Events Manager/Music Leader
  • Rick Middleton, Chinese Ensemble Project Manager/ Music Leader
  • Rachel Parsons, Stages Project Manager/Music Leader
  • Anni Tracy, Music Leader
  • Ashley Murphy, Music Leader

Music Leaders (freelance team)

  • Emma Williams, Music Leader
  • Ben Farmer, Music Leader
  • Richard French, Music Leader
  • Steve Lewis, Music Leader
  • Leroy Lupton, Music Leader
  • Sian Phillips, Music Leader
  • Matt Robinson, Music Leader
  • Bill Roberts, Music Leader
  • Dave Shooter, Music Leader

How to reach us

If you would like to contact any member of staff you can email them following this pattern: