Stages Live

Onstage and backstage bringing gigs to life

Stages Live is your opportunity to get involved in professional live music events, either as an audience member, a performer on stage or as an essential member of the team who make events happen. If you're a music fan, our music events promise a fun and inspirational evening's entertainment for you and your friends, and a chance to see some amazing artists from around the world on your doorstep.

If you're a musician or you're in a band then keep on practising because we're often looking for local artists to provide support for our headliners. And if you're developing music technology, management or marketing skills, perhaps as part of our Young Leaders or Arts Award programmes, then there are lots of ways to help with producing and promoting events.

What's more?

As well as the opportunities to get involved in events at the Hothouse, musicians who started out at Stages Live, such as the Heartbreaks, have gone on to perform around the world, supporting famous musicians and winning awards. Who knows what you might do?

"Without the opportunities handed to us by More Music we may never have been given a chance to play together. More Music offered us a more practical approach to the theory-based lessons we endured at school. For that we are eternally grateful"
Matt Whitehouse of The Heartbreaks

How do I join?

Come along to our Stages or Friday Night Project sessions and find out more about the different ways to get involved. To find out more about the different kinds of events that we run, have a look at this season's Stages Live programme here.