Taking responsibility through good governance

Complaints Procedure

Even we get things wrong sometimes. But we seek to learn from our mistakes in order to avoid making them again. If you have experienced something that you have not been entirely satisfied with or would like to offer some feedback to help us improve our services, please look through our Complaints Procedure.

Click here to download our Complaints Procedure in PDF format

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

We take the safety of the young people, children and vulnerable adults who we work with extremely seriously. In line with the Safeguarding Act 2006 and Children Act 2004, we have created a detailed document outlining our approach to ensuring safety through Prevention, Protection and Support.

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Code of Conduct

All More Music staff are expected to abide by our code of conduct, which details their responsibilities as More Music staff and what the organisation expects of them when they are in our employment.

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E-safety Policy

Online social media have become an important part of people lives and how they communicate with each other, particularly for young people. We have developed an E-safety policy based on good practice in the youth work sector to ensure our staff, volunteers and participants have clear guideline on what is acceptable online behaviour.

Download our E-safety Policy in PDF format

Whistleblowing Policy

It's important that people who work for us feel comfortable raising any issues they have encountered in the course of doing their job. This policy applies to all those who work for us, whether full-time or part-time, freelancer or volunteer.

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