Percussion & Drumming

Beats from  around the world

  • Ideal for: All ages, all abilities, groups of up to 20 class size
  • Typical structure: An hour as a minimum with mixed or established groups, or out of hours clubs, e.g. lunchtimes or after school.

Our percussion and drumming workshops are probably our most popular offer for schools, mostly because they are so participatory.  While some children feel a little shy about singing, even in a group, most young people are quite happy to bang a drum.  This makes group drumming sessions great for developing confidence and communication and listening skills and ensuring nobody feels left out.

As we’ve accumulated more techniques and specialist equipment over the years, we’re now able to offer percussion session in three distinct formats:
  • West African – this is our most basic drumming workshop, using authentic djembes (made from wood and goatskin) from Mali.  They are hand percussion instruments so no sticks are required and work well with call and response exercises building complex rhythms over time.

  • Brazilian – we draw on 20 years’ experience of performing and teaching Samba music, and use traditional Brazilian teaching techniques; vocalising then beating the rhythms.  We can bring a whole array of kit, such as drums, bells and shakers so children of different ages can create a carnival celebration in the classroom.

  • Chinese – this is part of our broader Chinese music making offer (see below) and offers an inspiring route into cross-curricular and cultural themes such as diversity or Chinese New Year.  It introduces students to a completely different set of rhythms, and is very effective when used for story telling – just as it has been for centuries!

In all cases, we can work to a diverse repertoire of traditional music as well as familiar contemporary songs that your students will be amazed to hear in a whole new light.

What's involved? 

We can deliver according to a schedule that suits your school, whether it’s a one day workshop for lots of groups across the school, or a programme that runs throughout a term or even the whole year.  We can even help you work towards whole school performances to really impress the parents!

The sessions aren't just great fun, there's a lot to be learned along the way, for example:

  • Physical musicality: Co-ordination and motor-skills
  • Group working: Behaviour, communication and team building
  • Music curriculum: New instruments, rhythms, themes
  • Other areas: English (poems into beats), cultural awareness

What's more?

We offer lots of ways for your younger learners to continue with their drumming and percussion outside the classroom, not least joining in our summer Baybeat Streetband project and performing at local festivals.  

If your students want to know more about Chinese culture through music, we run a range of other workshops, including our amazing Dragon Dancing as well as a Chinese Ensemble!

How do I book?

Call 01524 831997 or email