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A multilayered residency

The Context

More Music is a community music and education charity based in the West End of Morecambe at The Hothouse, a building with a suite of music rooms and a venue that holds 200 people. More Music is an Arts Council England NPO and is currently a key national partner of Youth Music working to create a ‘musically inclusive England’. We run a regular programme of participatory work alongside events and performances and often create new projects on commission.
Over the next 3 years we are focussing more activity into our local community (which is high on the deprivation index) and the 1000 families who live around our building. This Tipping Point project is an ideal way of engaging new people from this community in arts and cultural activity literally, inspired by the very ‘roads beneath their feet’. As such it will be one of the first very focussed local projects and will link extensively to the rest of our programme.

The Idea

To gain an understanding of our community by creating overlayered maps of the complete infrastructure through community participatory activity with artists and engineers.
To encourage members of the local community to discover ‘their’ infrastructure, appropriate it in some way and develop a sense of infrastructural ownership.

The Community Building at the Centre

The project is a month long project that ends with a weekend of reflection/celebration. There will be a variety of approaches working with the 3 local schools (primary and secondary), community groups and attendees to current sessions (approximately 300 people use the building every week).
In rethinking our relationship to infrastructure we will create space for discussion of climate change, responsibility and our collective future.

Water, Gas, Electricity, Transport, Data, Green space, Food journeys
Adopt a pipe - Name a pylon - Make a new footprint - Colour in a map

Project Team

The project was run by Pete Moser the Artistic Director of More Music, a composer, songwriter and producer. He worked with:
  • Andy Plant – an inventor who combines a background of sculpture, engineering and theatre
  • Mark Powell - a research associate in the School of Civil Engineering at Newcastle University interested in exploring different embodied infrastructural engagements
  • Lizzie Coombs - a photographer who has a long track record of cross art form collaboration and innovative community projects
  • Kate Maddison – ‘creative engineer’, trained architect, artist and Public Art consultant
  • Johnny Bean - a local photographer who lives in the West End
  • Sue Flowers - an exploratory environmental visual artist


For More Music this project will help map the neighbourhood and gain a deeper understanding of our locality in order to inform future work. For the people of the West End we hope this project will be an eye opener and an inspirational way to connect and understand where they live.
Hear the songs written as part of Pete Moser's residencies at West End Primary School and Sandylands School.

Download the song lyrics as PDFs:
Energy,Watch Out,People Power, Solar Beat, Nature War, Flying Bikes, Cynthia, Into The West End, What's He Talking About, Let Me Help, Just For Us, Allotment and School Team

Download the song lyrics as PDFs:

If I Didn't Have Water, Bizarre, 93%, Purify, Wild, Allotment Food, Going On A Journey, Disaster, People In The Wild, Round The World, Looking Local,Energy and Growing.


A film by written and presented by Johnny Bean about the West End's relationship with food. Film by Tom Diffenthal.