Experience a remarkable instrument with your class

"Dwi Gambira Sari"
Full Javanese Gamelan residency

School workshops for primary, SEND and secondary schools at More Music,The Hothouse, 13-17 Devonshire Road, Morecambe, LA3 1QT.

Cost: £200 for a half day (morning or afternoon) and £350 for a full day.
Maximum of 30 young people per session. Most appropriate for KS2/3/4

Experience the magic of the gamelan with your class group

This summer we present a three week creative residency with the Dwi Gambira Sari Javanese Gamelan from 27 June to 16 July. This gamelan could also be seen as part of Light Up Lancaster at Lancaster Castle last November.

A Gamelan is an impressive orchestra of percussion comprising mainly of gongs, metallophones and drums and is a traditional ensemble of Java and Bali in Indonesia. The gamelan requires many people to play it collaboratively, each playing a melodic pattern on a gong, metallophone or drum to produce multilayered and beautiful music.
Here is a video of a gamelan similar to the one we will have at the Hothouse:

The gamelan provides an unforgettable musical experience for school children and adults alike.

  • Monday 27 June (am and pm)
  • Tuesday 28 June (pm)
  • Friday 1 July (am and pm)
  • Monday 4 July (am and pm)
  • Monday 11 July (am and pm)
  • Tuesday 12 July (am)
  • Wednesday 13 July (am and pm)
  • Thursday 14 July (am and pm)
  • Friday 15 July (am)

To book please contact Nicky Donnelly on 01524 831997 or email