Get The Blessing

Featuring members of Portishead

Sat 12 Oct, 8.30pm

Get The Blessing

With support from The Initiative


Rarely has a band taken the jazz scene by the scruff of the neck and given it such a good shaking as Get the Blessing. Winners of the BBC Jazz Award 2008 for their debut album "All Is Yes,” Get The Blessing are one of the UK’s most exciting live bands.
Formed in 2000 when bassist Jim Barr and drummer Clive Deamer from Portishead joined forces with the twin horns & electronics of saxophonist Jake McMurchie and trumpeter Pete Judge, GTB have forged a unique signature sound that defies easy classification, yet never loses sight of thumping tunes, monstrously infectious beats, or joyous collective spontaneity.
Their 2012 album OC:DC, was released ahead of a tour which took them through 12 European countries and a 15,000 mile, 10 date North American tour. With influences ranging from Ornette Coleman and Tortoise, to Blondie and Samuel Beckett, GTB consistently confound expectation. Prepare to be teased, beguiled, soothed, spooked, jolted, and ultimately uplifted.

Praise for Get The Blessing

  • "this outfit will surely recharge the jazz world" (BBC Music)
  • "cool…stylish…irresistible" (The Telegraph)
  • "they may well be the most original and exciting band on the British scene at the moment" (Jazzwise)
  • "GTB harness rock and jazz with uncompromising power" (Time Out)

The Initiative are a constantly evolving (sometimes 10-piece) anti-jazz/rap/funk/rock collective. Bring your own take and experiences, and mash it together live with frantic arm waving, much excitement and general hilarity. Sketched heads and feels, constant improvisation, smart raps, loose-fit verses and some mighty big grooves.

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