La Carta

Music of  Latin America

Sat 6 July, 8pm

La Carta - A Latin American Letter

La Carta is a musical journey inspired by a letter, and brings together six exciting artists in a powerful performance of live music, moving image and spoken word that captures the essence of Latin America. The show speaks of feelings felt by those who leave their homeland, their experiences, sorrows and joys and provides us with a rich tapestry of the Latin American song, its rich, diverse rhythms and haunting melodies.

A new and original composition by Chilean Artist Francisco Carrasco, La Carta is a special story, told through a journey of Latin American music, song, words and images, taking the audience from the music styles of Central America to the Southern most tip of South America. A performance delivered by exceptional artists with an extraordinary story to tell.

Francisco Carrasco Bio

Director, Voice, Guitar, Cuatro, Congas, Bombo, Cajon and Panpipes.

Francisco is an international artist, musician and composer born in Santiago, Chile. His work explores and crosses the boundaries of media and cultures and responds to the experiences of oppression through celebration and education. Francisco has toured internationally in Europe, Latin America and South Africa; and has worked as director, composer, musician, writer and educator.

He has been involved in music from an early age and has worked in the music industry for the past 25 years. Francisco has composed music for dance, theatre and film, including work for Merseyside Dance Initiative, National Youth Dance project, Unity Theatre, Umoya (South Africa and for documentary about Chile to be launched in September 2013. He has worked with established artists from the UK, Europe, the Americas and Africa and has studied under masters from Senegal, South Africa, Brazil and Cuba. Francisco has performed throughout the world in community settings, local and international festivals, carnivals and top international venues.

The rest of the La Carta musicians are:

  • Afrika Fuentes - Voice, Piano, Keyboard, Percussion.
  • Freddy Perez - DVJing, Projection, Audio visual, Tap on Cumbia, Voice.
  • Oscar Carrasco - Voice, Guitar, Bass, Chanrango, Bombo
  • Amanda Quigley - Accordion, Saxophone, Congas, Voice, Flute
  • Paul Morris - Narration, Bombo, Voice, Percussion

What's more?

A music workshop with the La Carta musicians will be taking place during the day.  Find out more here. 

Find out more about Francisco Carrasco at his website



(£8 concessions)