Confluence of Rivers

Myths and  legends of world rivers

Sun 30 June, 7pm

Confluence of Rivers presents Ashes Blood Rivers

The King journeys upstream with his crew on his quest for the Naga – the Dragon God.  Mysterious forces stop his boat and he meets the mythical Common Man.  Common Man forces The King to question his ambition to conquer the source of the river.

Fusing diverse art forms from Cantonese Opera, Thai Dance, Lathi Khela (Bangladeshi stick-fighting) to Ugandan Dance, Mime and Commedia dell’Arte, Ashes Blood Rivers explores the relationship between people, civilization, power and the environment. Presented by a cast drawn from five countries – Hong Kong, Thailand, Bangladesh, France and Uganda - Ashes Blood Rivers started its journey in Hong Kong two months ago and has toured to three continents before arriving in Accrington.