With One Voice with Loz Kaye

With One Voice  with Loz Kaye

Sat 28 July 2018

With One Voice

Sat 28th July, 10am – 4pm 

Songs of Bread and Roses with Loz Kaye  

£15 – please bring lunch to share  

A fun and energising workshop exploring songs of empowerment.

Inspired by the ballad ‘Bread and Roses’ this is music to gladden the heart and feed the soul. We will learn and share a varied mix of repertoire, play with ways to release vocal strength and how to connect deeply to meaning in text.

Loz Kaye has worked widely with vocalists, theatre music and community choirs. Recently he has choir led at the Various Voices festival in Munich and the ‘Manchester Together’ memorial concert. All voices welcome, just be ready to raise them up!