Masterclass in vocal leadership, cancelled due to bad weather

Building spirit in individuals and communities through creative art activities

Saturday 3 March 2018

Sorry to break the bad news that we have to cancel our masterclass and gig this Saturday. The weather has made it impossible for various artists to get here. We're looking for a new date and contacting everyone who has bought a ticket.

Masterclass in vocal leadership

11am - 3pm
Led by Sharon Durant and Dave Camlin (Mouthful).

These brilliant singers with experience from Sing Up and the British Council World Voice project will take your skills to another level, sharing their years of experience.

For vocal leaders who want to advance their skill.

"The Mouthful Way is our philosophy of singing, where all singing is good singing and every voice is beautiful. Singing is the voice of our spirit, and in this workshop, Sharon and Dave will introduce you to The Mouthful Way and some of its by-roads. Expect the workshop to cover such things as preparing to sing together and warming up, making vocal arrangements, leading and conducting groups, improvisation, finding inspiration and developing vocal technique. Or all of the above!

We’ll use arrangements of existing material, and we may make new things together. We’ve learned that just as‘the map is not the territory’ (and the score is not the music) so too the workshop plan is not the workshop!

Above all, The Mouthful Way is a collective intention, a political act of being in the world in solidarity with our fellow humans through singing. The Mouthful Way is a journey, not a destination; we make the road by singing."

- Dave Camlin

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