That Spring Thing

Celebrate the arrival of spring 

Sunday 8 April

You are invited to celebrate the arrival of spring with More Music

Come along to a free neighbourhood party of planting, music, food, crafts and storytelling!
Activities on the day include:


The stage is set for a high voltage mythological mash-up!

Inspired by a 3,000 year old Indian epic-singing tradition, international ensemble, Pandvani108, combine performance storytelling, music and song to turn on the epic jukebox and bring us a wild night of unbowdlerised myth and epic in short form style. Gods, monsters, warriors & divas from Greece, Ireland, Scandinavia, India and beyond, are all hauled centre stage.

Brash & exuberant, with deities aplenty - this is the Short Myth Massive, live and irresistibly direct!



12 - 4pm


Start Date Start Time End Date End Time
08/04/2018 12:00 08/04/2018 16:00