Composition & Improvisation Masterclass with Led Bib

Jazz workshop and gig

Thursday 16 Feb 2017, 3.30pm-6.30pm

Composition & Improvisation Masterclass with Led Bib 

Led Bib make playful, emotional, mercurial music that combines the energy and passion of a rock band with jazz improvisation and conversation. The group, formed in 2003 and rocketed into the public consciousness within a swirl of critical acclaim, high profile shows and TV appearances, including a Mercury Prize nomination in 2009 for "Sensible Shoes”. Their electric live sets have been described as the sonic equivalent of a volcanic eruption backed by a fire storm.    

Be one of 15 musicians who will create a band in a day alongside maverick jazz group Led Bib. You’ll get a chance to input ideas into a grand piece that combines players and personalities from the group under the guidance of Led Bib. Then perform your new creations that evening before the Led Bib headline set at The Hothouse.

The masterclass is now open to all ages. 

Find out more about the Led Bib gig in the evening of 16 February 

There will be a small cost for the workshop of £5 (entrance to the concert is free for Masterclass participants)
If you would like to be part of the masterclass, please email Ben McCabe at with details of your musical experience.