Creative Gamelan Day

Experience music from a full Javenese Gamelan

Sun 1 November, 11am-5pm

Creative Gamelan Day

A Gamelan is an impressive orchestra of percussion comprising mainly of gongs, metallophones and drums and is a traditional ensemble of Java and Bali in Indonesia. The one at The Hothouse is a Royal Gamelan called Dwi Gambia Sari.

The day is an introduction to Javanese Gamelan and creative approaches to working with groups. No previous experience is necessary in this open, fun and welcoming training event with Sarah Kekus. 

FOR musicians, teachers, music leaders and people who love SOUND!

The day will include: 
  • An introduction to the instruments and how to play them.
  • Creative exploration.
  • Traditional principles of performance and structure.
  • Introduction to traditional tunes from Java.
  • Group improvisation.
  • How to adapt these ideas in different settings with integrity.
  • CD and other resources, leaving you better equipped to develop your own classes.
Sarah Kekus has years of experience working with people of all ages; in schools, colleges and in the community. She has been a music educator and workshop facilitator for over 25 years.She is one of the founding members of Gamelan North and also works independently as a musician and music educator.


Please fill in the online booking form for below to reserve your place.

You can pay for your place by calling Rebecca Lockley on 01524 831 997 or by sending a cheque payable to More Music to More Music, 13-17 Devonshire Road, Morecambe LA3 1QT. Please write ‘Creative Gamelan Day’ on the back of the cheque.