Snake Music

Seemlessly flowing between East and West

Sat 2 Feb, 8pm

Snake Music

Featuring Yin Ng

Celebrate the Year of the Snake with a fusion of Chinese Music, jazz, Brazilian pagode, beats and tunes. A collaboration between More Music's musicians with Yin Ng at the centre.

Ng Cheuk-yin is a renowned composer, arrange and performer from Hong Kong. His music flows seamlessly from East and West, past and present, while melting down borders between genres, representing the special culture of Hong Kong.

He will be working with:

  • Pete Moser - accordion, piano, voice
  • Ben McCabe - drum kit
  • Rick Middleton - double bass, da ruan
  • Mat Clements - pandeiro, congas
  • Amanda Quigley - sax, voice
  • Matt Robinson - clarinet, sax
  • Semay Wu - cello
  • Beck Owen - piano, voice
  • Jade Xue - guzheng

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(£6 concessions)