News Standards

Instant songs and soundscapes created from your stories

Fri 3 Oct, 12noon

Lancaster Arts City and More Music presents a First Friday event

News Standards 

The Hall, China Street

  • Graham Wynne - Electronics
  • Amanda Quigley - Voice, Piano, Accordian, Tenor Sax
  • Steve Lewis - Voice, effects, guitar
…...will weave your daily dissonant dramas into harmonious miniatures

Instant songs and soundscapes will be constructed before your eyes using words and ideas collected from the audience, this week’s papers and Twitter, use the hashtag #thehallnews to contribute your ideas online. A live Twitter feed of audience responses will be projected on the wall of the Hall during the event.

Each day this week tweet your responses to the following news gathering prompts and your ideas may very well spark a song or guide a solo at the gig.
  • Why should or shouldn’t England be independent?
  • Describe someone you can see right now
  • Share something that someone said to you today
  • Give us an anonymous message to make public for you
  • Tell us a secret
Send in any quotes from the media that catch your eyes and ears.
This event is part of the relaunch of Lancaster Arts City's First Fridays, click on the gallery to the right for full listings. Follow Lancaster Arts City on Facebook and Twitter