Developing as a music leader

A strategic investment in your organisational development

After working in schools for so long, we are delighted to be able to share our own learning with the wide community of music educators. We recognise that to be a great music leader involves more than just being a great musician and that there is a real art in making learning memorable and inspirational. Our music leader trainers can tailor a workshop or development programme depending on the Key Stage that you teach and the areas of the curriculum you are responsible for.

For music teachers

Whether you're new to the job or you're an old hand there's still something new to learn - or share - to continue improving throughout your career. We can help you to expand your repertoire and genre knowledge or learn new teaching skills and techniques and enrich your music classes. Alternatively, we can help you with specialist requirements such as composition, choir-leading, music technology or new instrumental skills.

For teachers of other subjects

Music is the ideal way of opening young minds up to new curricular topics and cultural themes, such as Chinese New Year or Black History. Alternatively, if you want to use music to help develop your learners beyond the curriculum, our experienced music leader trainers will introduce you to a range of techniques for using music for personal and inter-personal development. Teachers we have worked with have found this particularly useful when trying to engage difficult to reach students, resolve tension and build unity in groups and teams and encourage self-expression.

What's more?

These activities are usually held at More Music's premises, The Hothouse. However, if you find it more convenient to host an INSET event for a cluster of schools in your area, then we'll be delighted to come to you!