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Eight 'haikus'

Last night I has the immense privilege to be part of Frontierland. Many levels of pride, excitement and joy which I will try and share as a set of small 'haikus' Baybeat Streetband grooves in the square Dancing people of all ages Full of Joy, energy and great spirit Coach from the West ...

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Long Walk to the Frontierland

Today was a big day! It was the big rehearsal session with all teams of Frontierland. Look at all that...Just with the amount of instruments and musicians, I was already so thrilled. I mean, how often could we see dozens of people, coming together from literally all sorts of background, to collab...

Read More » Posted in: Frontierland by Eric Ng on 24 February 2014
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Act 2 comes together

So we made the Act Two piece today.  25 minutes of powerful grooves, simple arrangements and improvisation. Everyone finding their own place in a set of linking songs and tunes.This is what I do ! Listen, arrange on the spot, focus energy and PLAY. 70 musicians in the room and the sound was...

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19 days to go

19 days to go and I am getting excited.  Each week we move a step closer to defining the details of the show and really hearing it all. In my set for Act One the six songs take me on a journey of 20 years of songwriting with some inspiring creative people.  They include local songwrite...

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