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Naamyang singers

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 3 December 2015
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I wonder who you are - reading this post. It is strange sending information into the ether - and then getting some stats back to say .... so many people read this story. For me the writing and reflecting is an essential part of the journey and though I spend energy telling people to read - the purpose is, I think, quite internal.

2 weeks away and today I started coming home - packing my case and getting my head round the schedule when I return from this strange second home city where I have such a range of friends. To the pool on my way to work and swam a mile in a quite crowded 50m outdoor pool just a bus ride away. Body in good shape I think - feel fit except for my feet with blisters from the weekend one man band escapade.


2 proper interviews today starting with Uncle Hung - a local storyteller of repute! He was brought up in Sham Shui Po and the tales of living here, of the music of this part of HK and his insights into life are so lovely. He talks of the Everyday life of the Common People and the singing of the naamyang singers - a strange soft blues ranting with a  four string banjo like instrument - then stories of the red (wedding) and white (funeral) ceremonies and the Herbal teahouse jukebox playing Cantoneses opera and The Beatles as he grew up in the 60's. A delightful warm man who's name card says 'no hurry story workshop'. It is a chilled conversation !

Visual artist and visionary participatory artist Evelyna has come to hang her 3 pictures in the Touch Arts exhibition and so we lunch in the tea house and try to hatch some plans for next year. She gives me some beautiful tea flowers to bring back for Kathryn for Christmas. Tea as art and taste!

Shirley the education programme manager at the British Council comes to discuss the World Voice programme and to investigate how we can connect the CM programme with this new initiative in a set of Grade 3 schools including the local primary I visited yesterday. We Skype Bridget Whyte (the project director) in the UK to ask some questions and end up with some very good possibilities for collaboration. As ever it is like a 4 dimensional jigsaw puzzle with a time dimension as well!


The afternoon interview is with Uncle Ao who runs cultural tours of the district and has some great stories to share. Susan Fong translates and I try to delve into his information recording the session for Jordan to listen to in more detail. of particular interest are the Dragon Boat songs sung with a small boat from house to house collecting money for performance.


An evening for relaxing beckons and meeting with Eric and Wingo we go to Cheung Chao an island of 30,000 people a 40 minute ferry ride from Central. This is where Wingo now lives and it is like a different world - no cars, quiet a little holiday place with a great atmosphere. We talk, toast friends, think into the future and eat seafood.


Ferry ride back and the the Star Ferry across the water as I head to bed thinking of the More Music team preparing for the Winter Lantern Festival back home.