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Dark Cat

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 4 December 2015
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A final packed day for this, my fourteenth journey to HK, starts where it began - with a meeting with Mimi Chan the Head of the CASH (HK equivalent of PRS) Music Fund. In 2005 it was being the MD for a collaboration between musicians from HK and the UK at the Sage Gateshead that made me think about this whole journey. That grew into the Long Walk projects and then these development journeys into southern China and Hong Kong. I propose a programme using the composers and songwriters that are her members, working alongside some of our community music facilitators in a set of Stage style rock/pop/urban sessions. It could be a goer! Next stage an application with a deadline of early January. 

A walk across the district to the YMCA to see Saleena and the women at the community shop to follow up from last week and take a set of photos for the research.



On the way back stopping for a salad lunch at the Heritage building called Mei Ho house where there is a gallery that tells the story of the low rise housing, the big fire of the 50's and the real life in this district.


This all feeds into a meeting with big time collaborator Mok Chiuyu during which we talk about all the potential upcoming CM projects and I promise to write up various proposals as I fly back home! It has been a full trip that yet again has opened many possibilities for the future. As I write in a Skype message to someone - it feels as if I am making a difference.

Last year I met Rafe - a Brazilian beat box juggler here and he was very keen that I connected with some of his friends. One is a woman called Kumi ( who runs all sorts of drum jam projects over the city. She comes for a brief meeting and in the conversation she tells me how a song that she learnt from me in a workshop in 2010 has become a key workshop tool - it is a song I in turn had learnt from Amanda Quigley! O Le Le ! Ha ha..
Final meeting of the day is with a teacher called Gigi who came to my APA workshop on Monday a week ago. She tells me how it was only when she was there that she realised that what she has been doing for the last 4 years is Community Music! It has made her very happy to know she is not alone and that there is a pedagogy and a way of thinking that she can link to. I think she will become one of our team here.

My last workshop is with a  group of writers to turn some of their words into song. It is a mad session that ends up with 5 new pieces all about this district - including Dark Cat, The Red Street, Man in a Stairwell and Chop Chop Chop. It is fun and we record it all before taking this selfie.


Out for delicious veggie food with Eric and Mok and then in the middle of the night out to the airport for my early morning flight home.


Thankyou Hong Kong. See you again.