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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 1 December 2015
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My feet hurt and my back aches.
That's the result of running in the sun with a drum on my back.

A morning off to go shopping to a beautiful shop called Goods Of Desire where they use old HK to inspire very well crafted bags, cards, clothes and more. I do some Christmas shopping before meeting storyteller Arvin to catch up over Udon noodles in Mong Kok. 

Arvin set up last years big CM project in Macau for me but apart from that we haven't worked creatively together. All of his current projects sound great including a series of Cafe improvised storytelling gigs that are really interesting. I propose a music and story show next year. Next year - oh yes. I am sure to be coming back - there are too many threads now to leave quickly.


Another old friend (Seafood) and his partner (See) meet me and Eric at a lovely place called Cafe Idea where they have 5 cats wandering around that come and sit on your lap and that you can stroke and be friends with. The place is heaving with cat memorabilia as well. Seafood tell me all about his farm work  and a permaculture project he is planning in Australia. He is the sweetest most disarming friend and in the conversation I tell him about the illuminated hoola hoops I have seen at the festival.


He promises to get me some from China before I go! and he does on the Chinese equivalent of Ebay.

To CCCD for an interview with the people who are funding the Music in Sham Shui Po project. We spend over an hour talking about CM in the UK and here, about social change and what would make it possible to shift a gear in the development the community music work here. Every conversation moves the thinking on a little further.

Finally we come to the Gathering. Who will come? Andrew (a local psychologist and community musician who first connected with us on The Long Walk) has brought a group of social workers from the district he works in and there are a number of other people representing more the social end rather than the musical end of the work. We introduce ourselves, think who else should be here for the next meeting, I share stories and slides and we sing and eat snacks. It is very good and a date is set for March to come back together. This is a way forward for sure.