Day off


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 25 November 2017
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as the day goes by
I wonder which is my tribe
travelling again

Transition from NZ to Queensland with an early flight and a window seat to see the coastline disappear and 3 hours later a very different sandy beach one appear. It is warm when I arrive and I realise it is truly the beginning of their summer. 
This is my first proper day off and getting to the hotel at 8am I am lucky to get into my room and chill for a little. Then out on one of the 'free' bikes for an explore along the river around which this city is built. I end up at the Modern Art Gallery and see this amazing art.



On the plane I spotted that the first test was happening in Brisbane at the Gabba so I decide to go. What a great way too chill and watch a gentle game with a few beers in the sun.


Very happy as I chat to my cricket fan nephew Toby on What's App.


Kathryn cousin Michael who kind of lives there in Australia tells me the cool place to go is down the West End of the city so I hop back on a bike and find my way to a very busy bar and restaurant area full of hipsters and young people. I feel old. It is fun and I eat curry, drink more beer and watch.

Final bike ride home takes down by the river again. Good fun and Good night!