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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 19 November 2017
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Music in Hong Kong
Together we celebrate
It's been a Long Walk

The image of Hong Kong as a packed city with no space is to be contrasted with the great trails, hills and reservoirs that you can reach so quickly from the urban centre.
I was so happy today to meet with 3 old friends and grab some air! Wingo, I have introduced before in a previous blog. I first met Seafood here as part of the HK Tales project and he then visited the UK with Eric and the theatre tour in 2013 and finally Kiki is a theatre practitioner and community musician who was part of another HK Tales project and also the 24 Hours in a Revolution work for the Umbrella revolution in 2014. We head for some trails near to Lion Rock and walk and talk and catch up.
I talk to Seafood about learning Cantonese and yet again have a go at learning 10 essential words. It has been a frustration that I haven't learnt more but I have always had great translators and I have been confused trying to decide whether to learn Cantonese or Mandarin. Hey Ho!
After a few hours of walking we go to an open air Indonesian place for lunch. Shatin Inn! I love the signwriting above the door and the food is lovely too! We are hungry after the walking.
The end of the conference is a community music show at the KUC space in Jordan and it is full of people coming to share songs and listen to each other. David from CCCD is the host and we agree to my interventions during the evening - some songs and tunes in between other groups. I am delighted to see Selana and Bill have come and we chat and catch up. She came to More Music as part of a year long research placement in the UK and interviewed staff and attended training and many sessions. She is now back here working as a music teacher again. The concert is a joyful sharing of music and friendship and I feel enormously satisfied with the gentle progress we have made here over 9 years of work.
My day ends back at the Green Wave gallery where 2 mexican artists have just finished a multimedia show. We sit around and share stories - artists from Bangalore, Mexico City, Morecambe and Hong Kong.