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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 26 November 2017
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My time clock is really out of control waking at 5am most morning now and today I get to work on the planning for the next international Community Music Gathering in Tbilisi in July 2018 before a planned Skype with my co-chair Mary Cohen from the States - We have both visited the city and have many aspects getting sorted - the key is getting contributors from across the world to commit and send in  papers and also make sure that our Georgian contacts get involved. 


5 months ago I proposed to Brydie Leigh-Bartlett that I come here to the Research centre at the Queensland Conservatorium after the NZ conference to do a couple of days teaching. She is am amazing woman who not only runs this centre with its many research aspects but also makes great projects happen with First Peoples communities AND also travels the world making inspiring presentations. She was a co-chair of the last CMA in Edinburgh, then I saw her in Toronto where she told the story of some of her work with indigenous people and again in NZ she set up the conference with some great words (see blog titled 'Thinking').


This is what I am doing here and I am honoured to be part of her world. 

I collect a lovely set of sounds from the percussion store in the basement of the Con and get ready to teach.


A great group of students and practitioners we are in the lovely Board room with lots of natural light and a view out over the river. The morning is real fun and we make some great ideas and music with a sense of collective activity and learning. The afternoon with a focus on songs takes us deeper and we finish making this great simple nonsense piece (that started the day as a collective rhythm melody).


This creative pedagogy work is something I always love doing - making music and thinking about how we make it and how we can transfer what we do in this room to an wider community.

My evening is mine to relax and I write up the day, collate the recordings, cycle down the rover, swim (in the pool by the river) and eat!