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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 16 November 2017
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Welcoming baby
Shares joy in the simple world
I try with music

Early morning hard work finishing an application, writing a proposal and catching up on emails. Will the tidal flow of messages slow down as I travel I wonder? It is so essential to be in the moment but the nature of my job is that I have always to be thinking ahead - in days, weeks, months and years - in order to sustain, how and diversify activity. As I am slowly unpicking my role and leaving a job I have fashioned over 25 years I wonder what will replace this space in my brain. I am looking forward to the space that will emerge.


The morning is spent with Samson and Jessica and their new baby Erin. 9 months old, she is the same age as my second granddaughter - Eva in Edinburgh - and I have been looking forward to meeting her. We sit outside, eat, talk and I make friends with this new visitor to the planet. They are looking after her well and in a very simple way have decided not to buy help (as is the habit in HK) but to spend time themselves in all aspects of baby care, house care and all. Erin is lovely - such openness and easy character. We make friends!

Then to work. 11 people for my 6 hour workshop. I have a number of themes in my head to share and out of the discussions with Samson this morning have decided that I will start in the world of Early Years musicmaking and talk about how we model in that work all the principles that we would hope to see in any community music session. I am also going to show how there is a real pedagogy and theory in our work that matches the more clinical principle of music therapy. My workshop is on the context of the Music and Wellness conference so these parallels are vital and a focus on health and well being will run through the day.


The group is lovely and includes Ashok and 2 of the other presenters at the conference (music therapists / social workers from Oregon USA). Through the day I give this group an intellectual and physical experience of community music as we play, invent, sing, discuss, think and share knowledge and music together. I am rewriting my song each day with new words and thoughts

What is
What is the change
What is the change we want to see

We finish the day in discussion and in many ways I wish I had left more time for this reflection on learning. Yet again I have been trapped in delivery and the moment. I hope this doesn't stop people taking away stuff - whether ideas or music. Hey ho...

9 years ago we made the Long Walk project happen here in Hong Kong and the production manager was Wingo Chan, I have met him most years since then, here, in the UK and in Brazil and tonight we are going to meet a great local community musicians, A Chuen, for BBQ food on the streets in Mong Kok. It is good! The conversation moves from the recent visit that Chuen made to work with Syrian refugees in Lebanon to discussions about the current crisis in housing in this city. We talk about the political crisis here and I ask what is the worst that could happen over the next 20 years and they agree that the loss of the Cantonese language would be a significant but quite possible thing. That would signify the ongoing takeover of this 'free' city to the forces of the mainland. There is real fear, based on the reality of current change, of the loss of freedom in every aspect of life and as we eat succulent eggplant, beans, squid and courgettes we ponder the future.


A selfie is taken and we agree to meet here again on this street corner in 30 years to take the same shot. Just imagine! I will be 90 years old - what a thought.

A day that started with a baby ends with a thought of old old age!