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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 November 2017
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Music and learning
were passions of my father
passed along to me

If my father was alive this would have been his 95th birthday. He died 3 years ago and so today I took some time out to walk to the sea though this lovely rose garden, listening to Barenboim playing the 48 by Bach and thinking about him.


He was an educator, a fundraiser, a refugee, a socialist, a great pianist and a lovely man to his family. He also did love birthdays and had some huge celebrations for his 80th and 90th years. Good to bring him here with me  on this day.

Back at the conference was the meeting of the Asia Pacific Community Music Network at lunchtime. We agreed to hold the next gathering in 2019 in Hong Kong - hooray. It will be amazing to bring this knowledge and thinking to the city and the work we have been doing there. Need to start the ball rolling soon ! 

My job in the afternoon was to chair the Pechas Kuchas session in which 5 people each present for 6mins 40secs and then there is 45 minutes of discussion which I have to facilitate. Interesting and quite daunting. There are some really interesting presentation s on Improvisation, Community ensembles, mentoring, power and agency in East Timor and identity. The discussion is rich and interesting as it investigates the connections between these seemingly diverse topics.
After a final session of the day on dance, dementia and brain research the community musicians head out for a wander round town!


We meet at these conferences in different groupings and it is always very good hearted, warm and friendly with a huge sense of shared values.