Heading  Home


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 27 November 2017
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Alone connected
feeling special, feeling sad
such a big small world

I am coming to the end of this trip of many places, many people, much music and thinking. Sitting outside by the river in Brisbane eating and drinking a couple of cocktails and pondering the world I have witnessed and the world I know back home. Feeling very privileged to be allowed to live the life that I do and thinking of my family back home in all their generations and homes across the country.

On a travel like this there are so many different experiences and I am able to create reflective time. In my working life back in the UK there is often the same variety but it feels different and there isn't this kind of reflective time each day. 

Today I spent the morning delivering a session 'Music for the Soul' and I experimented and tried many games and rhythms and songs with another lovely group that mixed undergrads, doctorate students and practitioners. I also wrote another blog for the YM Network site that was trying to link that community to the international agenda - I wonder whether people will read it !
In the afternoon 'couch' session with a small group from the Con I told my story - my parents, my travels and learning as an early adult and then my arrival in Morecambe Bay - "the land that found me". The discussion then ranged from cultural appropriation and language to the role of CM in developing countries. A great end to the 2 days here and a lovely way to finish the working life of this trip.

Thankyou to all my friends and partners in Hong Kong and across this Asia Pacific region.