Hare Krishna Hare Rama


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 15 November 2017
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Out of a deep sleep
Drills, hammers, shouts of workers
I am not surprised

Yesterday I lost a whole nights sleep getting here with a badly timed flight (for me) so everything is hazy this morning. 

Out into the warm air and down to the subway (MTR) to meet Dave Clark on HK island for a coffee and chat. He is a photographer/filmmaker who used to live in Lancaster and now lives here on Lamma island and has a huge workload across this whole region including

We catch up and share news. I learn about issues of child poverty in HK that he has been investigating and also get interesting feedback from his regular trips to the mainland. He asks the question to older people - 'How is life now' and the reaction is always 'the best it has ever been.'

Back in my room I make plans for the 6 hour workshop tomorrow (Music for the Soul) and the presentation on Friday (The Long Walk - Steps in a global journey). I find a framework for each one and that is the crucial thing for me when I am doing new things every day. I can fill in the detail later.

Now to prepare for the gig tonight at the Sky-high Studios in Tin Shui Wai. I am playing with Ashok from Bangalore and really looking forward to singing and playing the trumpet and sharing music from all over the place!

We work hard on simple arrangements of Beatles songs (Let it Be and With a Little Help), folk tunes from India, Scotland and Ireland, songs from the Long Walk project and some jazz standards (Summertime and What a wonderful world). He plays cajon and djembe and we groove well together!


Andrew Lui (a collaborator over the past 9 years) is starting the evening with a group of singers from his mental health charity and we have a full house!


We connect well with the audience and all of our 16 (!) numbers go down well !