Drawing the Feet of a ghost


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 14 November 2017
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Arrive yet again
Eighteen days ahead to play
In my element

I arrived at the CCCD office (my long term partners here) after hiking my luggage through the familiar streets of Sham Shui Po. It is all so friendly and easy and I am soon in deep conversation with Mok (cultural activist and founder of CCCD) and David (local organiser) about local politics, the current state of the organisation and the upcoming Music Therapy conference where I am delivering workshops and a keynote.

After a few cups of subtle Nepalese green tea Ashok arrives. He is an actor and musician from Bangalore who is here for 5 days to attend the conference and present an opening show with me tomorrow night. We chat about potential repertoire and then start playing - it is delightful! His rhythms on djembe connecting with myself songs and trumpet tunes. The gig will be exciting especially as we also have Andrew Lui (social worker and songwriter) and his choir coming along.


Lunch in a local Yum Cha restaurant - here I am again arriving in Hong Kong.

I check into my very local hostel at Mei Foo House, rest a little and make plans for the evening 3 hour workshop / presentation at Lingnan University where I am teaching on the Community Cultural Development MA course.

Mok and Ashok pick me up and we head on the hour long bus journey to Lingnan (the most radical of the local HE institutions) for a session with 14 students. I am in my 'element'- explaining pedagogy, communicating, singing, playing and drawing in the group so they both practically and intellectually understand the concept of community music.

As part of the evening I learn about a great method for decision making in a group called - Drawing the feet of the Ghost.


They are using it to decide who takes which piece of a lovely circle waiting they made last week. We turn the process into a song (as you do) and record the result as I finish by talking about a recent community music framework I have been developing for a chapter in a book to be published next year. 


Back in Sham Shui Po we eat tofu, pak choi and rice before I head back very tired to sleep.