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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 16 November 2016
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I've time to think
To step back and consider
Everything from that angry election
To my Mothers shaky hips

How it makes me feel
What actions I can take
As I process my feelings,
And my political will

So many images
Burned in my mind
From the Jungles muddy streets
To the radiant autumn leaves

I feel so full of emotion
And really not alone
I am so connected
A shared sense of doom

For sure it is the time
To take direct action
As Sylvia fills another container
I choose the next show to sing

I can't stop now
Yet do I still believe?
Are the actions I take
Worthwhile, what do they change?

I wrote this song on my way over - and now I have arrived. Back into the familiar surroundings of this city, met with joy at the airport by David from CCCD. This is the first time in years I have been met and it was good - thank you. I register into my accommodation in a beautiful airbnb apartment above Hong Kong Park where I stayed a couple of times a few years ago. An art collectors place full of - you guessed it - ART.

I chat to Ka Kee (host) about what has been going on in our lives, in the world and with our children in the intervening years. There is a range of emotions to touch on - grandchild, children, parents - UK, US and HK politics - work stress and joy. We have rich lives full of freedom of choice - unlike so many others.

Later on I walk down through the park - a familiar route - and head to meet some of the new musicians working on the current Rites of Passage project.

We talk and eat and I am pleased that there is yet another generation of community music energy and enthusiasm and remember some of the other people I have worked with over the years (many in the gallery by this blog).

14 visits and my approach is gradually relaxing. This time I am not going out madly networking and trying to make new partnerships and find funding for future projects. I am running a series of training workshops and doing a couple of performances and using the time for myself a little more.