KK is a  Gardener

We hold up our hands

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 18 November 2016
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Who am I?
How do I make decisions about what should happen next?
How free am I to make those choices?
What do all these people on the MTR around me think and do?

That has been my day! With Wingo, Seafood, Si and KK.
Examining our lives, eating, drinking and discussing the future. We all have different paradoxes governing our decisions.
Hey Ho! Who are these people anyway?
Wingo I have known since 2008 when we first met here - then on our travels again in Brazil, in Macau and in Morecambe. A producer / production manager he is a close friend and ally!
Seafood is living in the NOW. He has been part of the community arts scene here for a while and came over to the Uk on the Five Rivers project and stayed with Rick and Sam in Morecambe. A spiritual man who talks about being 'here' - being 'now' with his 5 senses and loves detail.
Si is currently studying Expressive Arts Therapy, she has been a performer and is now learning violin. Great fun she was in Morecambe with the Five Rivers project and works with Cat (see yesterday!) at the music therapy centre.
KK is a lorry driver who is developing artistic protests in his village close to the border with the mainland to try and stop the urban sprawl and development.
We are all in our ways questioning the status quo.

Wingo I meet every time I come here and this time he wants to take me to the village of Ching Pe in the New Territories where some friends of his in theatre company have been working in this rural area close to the border with the mainland -

On our way we go to see Seafood and Si in the lovely house which he has been developing and making as he takes control of his surroundings and develops his fascination in Permaculture. We sit and catch up, eat seaweed snacks and drink sour plum tea before he drives us another 40 minutes to Fanling where we are to meet KK.

KK is a gardener, a truck driver
A family man
He walks us round his village
I become his greatest fan

A green open land, a quiet place
Close to Shenzhen
We walk round the mural painted houses
A familiar story again

Of city development taking over
an established commune
We walk to an arts takeover house
It isn’t all doom

The abandoned school a symbol of neglect
Not enough children
We walk through deserted halls and fields
I can imagine when

This was alive, as vivid green as the
Lemon trees whose leaves
We crush in our fingers and smell
The story KK weaves

Continues as we pass the organic farmer
Vacuuming up insects
From rows of seedlings, so gently grown
In soft soil next

To the high rise madness of the mainland
These vulnerable lands
Here for a short while we hope
As we hold up our hands

After the tour we go for beer in his lovely orchid filled garden and talk and talk as the mosquitos bite. We learn about his personal history and delve into the politics of land ‘renewal’ and seizure. The same story as in our work in Cabelo Seco in Brazil where we worked with Dan Baron.

To finish the day in a total contrast I go with Wingo to Beerotopia - a craft beer festival at the Central waterfront - where we stay a little before escaping to our homes.