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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 21 November 2016
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A day of political thinking, talking and singing.
An HE lecture, a bus ride and an Irish pub!

I have taught a number of classes at Lingnan University over the years hosted by the Department of Cultural Studies and this time there are 2 sessions - the first a view on the political and cultural context in the UK and the second a practical Make Music Yourself session -

Today I went on a journey that took in

A performed lecture with 12 songs. I really like this format and am able to both tell stories and ask questions like

The answer from the students at the lecture was

"We want the war in Syria to end
The disparity between the rich and poor to be narrowed
More greenery, more talking, less phones
More understanding of the way that we all influence the world is
One person, one vote, Freedom of choice
Celebration of all of our different cultures"

That'll do! Tomorrow we'll take that further into song.

With Mok on the way back to CCCD on the bus and then in an Indian cafe in Sham Shui Po we carry the conversation on considering how our work contributes to positive change (we hope). The friendship with him started 10 years ago at the IETM Conference in Beijing that was convened to create new partnerships between HK and China and the UK. A chance meeting that has changed my life in many ways - and then because of the contacts over here has 'rolled the ball' for many others like musicians and social worker Andrew Liu who I meet for a coffee before going out for the evening. He is about to go up to Guangzhou to run a 2 days community music workshop in a high security psychiatric hospital.

The professor who brought me here to do the lecture, Professor Leung, was talking with me about refugees and asking about our thinking in the UK of the current crisis. She then said she was meeting 2 refugees later today so I asked to come along. At 7pm I find myself in an Irish Pub and the conversation is fascinating - funny, disturbing, global, about family, political leaders, music of all sorts. It is good. I write this on my way home

So what do I know
I'm just a cultural anthropologist
Yeh, what do I know

In Delaney's Irish pub on Peking Road
In deep conversation with
Luz from Columbia
Lisa from Hong Kong and
Innocent from Zimbabwe
and me, what do I know

I'm just an innocent bystander
Yeh, what do I know

At Lingnan University on Castle Peak Road
I sing a lecture both personal and global
Titanic allegories of the United States
Anger at the Britain's isolation
Sad visions of the Calais Jungle
and me, what do I know

I'm just a travelling one man band
Yeh, what do I know

Always searching, trying to fit the pieces
Into a rhyme I can understand
Weighing up images, feeling the energy,
Listening with ears tuned for melody
and me, what do I know

It's changing the road I'm driving down
Talking, singing, honking my horn
But to seek asylum
To leave your home
What must that drive be like

yeh me, what do I know