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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 24 November 2016
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Up early early to go back to the Academy of Performing Arts for todays lecture with Mok on Art, Communism and Liberalism/Democracy. He has asked me to talk about the current situation in the UK and in the US and how artists are approaching the changing state of play. I have prepared slides and a set of songs that include Dylan, Lennon, Woody Guthrie, Adrian Mitchell, John Fox and myself.

Very happy to be able to examine my work in this context and to move from talking about the outright protest art to the one-to-one therapy and community cohesion programmes. I also have this lovely piano to play on in the concert hall !

Lunch is in a Shanghainese restaurant with members of the Liberal Arts faculty and the conversation is fascinating in it's incisive political analysis and global perspective. Hmmmmm.

Tired afternoon getting ready for the evening session with 12 people coming to the CCCD space.

Ways Into Workshops - another room, another group of people and as ever I am nervous and have spent a good few hours trying to get the right angle so that I am not going through the motions with a set of exercises and songs yet again. I have a page of planning and another page of repertoire and I know it is all about being in the room with the people and then letting it flow. The session goes very well and we move from lovely singing and playing to some deep moments of sharing personal moments of Rites of Passage. The song below was improvised from these words.

As I leave quite exhausted and talk to Mok I realise that it is pretty much like a gig. Instead of a set of songs and tunes I have improvised my way through a 3 hour interactive performance - shifting and re-interpreting material with my audience (participants) and connecting. This is a re-assuring thought to guide me home to HK Island to Skype with my mother and sisters on the anniversary of my fathers birthday.