What is the change we  want to see

Split levels

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 17 November 2016
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This morning I spent many hours in my room. Catching up and planning.

The view from my window takes in the park and high buildings. As ever I seem to be working on a similar set of multiple levels. Completing research into SEND schools in Lancashire and searching for new ideas for my upcoming workshops in Hong Kong. Whatsapping local friends and emailing back home.

I am nervously looking at what is coming up here as yet again I will be entering many rooms of people with expectations of ... what? That is the critical question! What is that I bring? Ha!


Mid afternoon walk through the park again where by the lake and by the waterfall there are 5 different couples in wedding outfits having their pre wedding photos taken. And the beautiful birds fly and chatter in the tall trees. I head for the MTR and to the office of CCCD to pick up sticks and catch up on my schedule.

Todays evening workshop is for Music Therapist Cat Chau in her new studio in Kowloon. She has invited 15 colleagues to come to experience community music and I have them for 3 hours. I spent a few hours today thinking about this session and also the other upcoming workshops - making sure that as well as my usual repertoire of songs and games I had a good few new things to play with. I have to feed myself and try new music out - can't afford to go stale.

It is a small set of rooms and she has a load of instruments - many donated. I get there early and am met at the MTR by Idy - she used to work at CCCD and I have known her for many years now. People arrive and very soon we are singing, making up songs, playing and discussing the meaning of it all!
Music therapy, community music and jazz. How do they intersect? What are the distinct aspects of each?
It goes well and we write a new song - see below for lyrics and tune!

What is
What is the change
What is the change we want
What is the change we want to see

I see many people not accepting what is going on
Maybe me myself as well
They stop talking about feeling, their reality, their truth
In Hong Kong so much rejection

When you're feeling burnt out, when you;re feeling tired
There's another day when you can be like a new born baby
All the worst things prepare for the best
Look at my heavy eyes, downcast face and shoulders

I feel moved when I see a difference in the wight they carry
The expression on a face, the lightening of a soul
A process of owning the self
Once again

What is
What is the change
What is the change we want
What is the change we want to see