Night for an Eye

Living in the city

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 20 November 2016
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It seems this is my home from home.

Feel so comfortable and at ease here and the number of people I could call my friends is really amazing. In the course of my day today I have made arrangements to see four close friends over the next few days - Evelyna (great artist and committed community activist), Jone Chui (cantopop songwriter and vocalist), Samson (researcher and producer) and Chuen (brilliant anarchistic community artist and songmaker). You can see their pictures in the portrait gallery. Such a strong feeling when combined with the actuality of the day.

Long morning in my room planning the next few days - the one man band show today, a lecture on the current state of the UK from an artists perspective and a creative session for composition students at the conservatoire. I do need to spend time thinking and getting my brain in the right place so that when the session happens I can work on my toes and really be in the moment and play.

A year ago as part of our research into the music of Sham Shiu Po we met a woman called Monique who will powerful energy runs an organisation called With passion she brings music free to disenfranchised young people in this very poor district and this year she has invited me to do a one man band show for the kids and parents as she opens a new centre. As ever nervous I get there early and set up the OMB from it's red travelling case. The show goes great with songs, playing, improv and general madness.

We also talk about the new work she is doing with children with special needs and start to plan some training for another visit.

Dropping the OMB case of at JCCAC (home of my partner organisation here) Mok Chiuyu tells me of benefit tonight for a local musician/artist Wilson Tsang who is losing his sight. He says that it will be a good event with music and friends so I go down to Causeway Bay and find this studio at the top of a high rise where there is a pretty cool scene going on!

I know a few people and as I arrive someone asks me to play to fill a spot .. so I sit down and write and think of what I can perform. My turn comes soon and I sing a new song (see below), a onemanband trumpet and accordion version of I got Rhythm and the great spiritual ' I'm gonna lift my brother up'. A few beers later and after a jam on trumpet with MouseFX - a cantoreggae producer/singer I head home.

Night for an eye
Road for my foot
House for my lover
Garden for my roots
I'm going home, I know where I belong
I'm going home please listen to my song

Day for my grandaughter
Friends for my light
Hope for my heart
Never lose sight
I'm going home, I know where I belong
I'm going home, this can't go wrong

Morning brings new ideas
Paper holds the frame
Power in the artist
Laughter in the game
I'm going home, I know where I belong
I'm going home, feeling so strong

Watch out for the messenger
Listen out with your ears
Madness everywhere where I know
It fans my fears
I'm going home, I know where I belong
I'm going home, just listen to my song