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Harbour City

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 19 November 2016
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This is a harbour city - you can't escape it. So much water and so many boats.

I took three today - out to Lamma Island to see an old friend from the UK. Dave Clark was the founder of Folly in Lancaster before moving to China many years ago and is now settled in Hong Kong with his young family. We met last May and today I was invited for lunch at their house up on the jungle slopes of this green green island.
On the way over on the ferry we pass boats of all sizes from the sampans to the casino liners, from hydrofoils heading to Macau to the massive container ships. This is the 4th largest port in the world - and you can see it!

I am met off the ferry by Dave and his 3 year old, Alisa and we go for a 30 minute hot and sweaty walk to his house - round the coast over a couple of hills to the little village of Pak Kok. Here he lives with a view across the water to his office in Aberdeen - the daily commute another ferry ride. That I wouldn't mind!

We talk and talk about local and global politics, his work (image based across the whole of East Asia), my work, the Lancaster world, bringing up children, travelling, pollution and running businesses! His favourite work at the moment is the series of films he makes with a phone and drone - check these out -

We have lunch with the family, walk some more, disturbing a big snake that goes across our path, before I head back to the city.  I promise Alisa that I will write her a song in my workshop tonight (see below).

The evening is spent with 30 primary and kindergarten teachers at a great music school called Musickitchen. I was here last May and ran two training session and jack has asked me back to do more Songmaking. It is very playful as we make up warm up songs, songs about cats and playgrounds.

I develop everything on the whiteboard linking the session piece by piece and trying to inspire and get people to think about their own creativity and how they can bring this to the children they work with.


On the island I asked 3 year old Alisa what was important to her and she said her pink blanket (that she held in her hand for comfort). She gave it a name - Shaubuji. I said I would write her a song in tonights session and so I ask people to remember what they had, what they called it and how it made them feel. I then used watery metaphors to create a tiny lyric and this song..

I feel calm as a lake
Relaxed as a bath
Safe as the ocean
Happy as a bubble
I feel warm

(and the carers response)

It's time for a cuddle
Time to take some rest
Time for your sleep
Time to dream

I hope she likes it !

We finish the session talking about the change that we want to see out of the session that we run (following on from song number 2 written on Thursday) and add this verse

I want the young people to grow in confidence
Be thoughtful and inspired
With hearts open and body more coordinated
Lively and more musical.