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Creative Community Composition

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 November 2016
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A brain scramble of a day.

Morning working in the flat - planning the 2018 Community Music Seminar in Tbilisi on Skype with Mary Cohen, developing ideas and listening to recordings for the Lancashire Travellers singing project with 4 primary schools and putting together the afternoons lecture on Composition in the Community.

Out at lunchtime for a great tasty Vegetarian Indian banquet with Samson and Jessica. We talk about his PhD research on community arts in HK (on which I have been interviewed and observed a number of time sore the past four years), arriving babies (their girl in January, my daughter's in February) and the state of the world. I also tried to define my worklife as the elements of this table...

Then to the Academy for Performing Arts where I have transitioned from the Arts Education department to the Music Department and will be giving a lecture on what I love doing - Creative Composition in the Community.
I tell three main stories that unpick my thinking on this subject
  • the crucial role of CONTEXT in inspiring the ideas and the development of the concept
  • the work of the composer both an artist and a facilitator / deviser of new music
  • and the balance of popular and classical music genres - of tribal and spiritual experiences.

We make music (Nano Vasconcellos 'Amazon' improvisation), I sing songs and show films from The Long Walk and Frontierland.

An hour later the questions begin and show that the 23 students (undergrads to masters) have been listening and thinking. That is all I could have hoped for.

To finish my day I travel out to a studio where one of my first HK friends, canto pop composer and arranger, Jone Chui, is completing a film interview. We talk, go to eat and he drives me home as we listen to his recent tracks and consider what we are doing in this world!!

Here is todays song created from the questions from the students

Why did you start composing in the first place
Does this music always have to be song based
Was the local music scene easy to get into
Where are you performing your next show

What changes to you see in the people you work with
Who are the funders, how much money do they give
Can you give me a score of the Long Walk
Thank you for this inspirational talk

Community composition creates
Creative community composition
Composition creates community