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Where is my second brain?

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 21 November 2015
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Arrival after virtually no sleep on the plane from Dubai and with a laptop that seems to be out of order. Spaced out to be sure. The magic of the internet helps me re-find the information to my airbnb and then onto the bus A21 into the city. It's hot and very familiar as I haul the red drum case through the streets of Mong Kok to Flourish Mansions where I will be staying on floor 28 for the next 2 weeks.
Why am I here?
The airbnb is simple and the woman is away so I settle in, unpack and review. The weeks ahead are very full and can I run all the sessions with only the data that is in my dropbox and that will can be sent from the UK. I am so thankful to IT Phil for ensuring my back up is up to date and so I relax and imagine life with only a notebook.
It is strangely refreshing.

ARTS and EMPOWERMENT - the title of tonights talk at CCCD to 10 people including social workers, teachers, childcare workers and old friend and collaborator Wingo. I am very excited that there is also a musician called Sid from the mainland who was at a class I ran in Guangzhou 2 years ago. he is a youth worker as well and I have been supporting his work by email over the last year. Finally we meet again and I talk at length to him about his work and offer various pieces of advice. 
The talk goes OK and I use a set of images that Darren has drop boxed to me with 10 minutes to spare. I sing many songs and share my thoughts.
Food follows with Mok, Eric and Wingo and then ... finally sleep.