Catching Up


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 22 November 2015
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Every time I come to this city I stay in different place in different kinds of accommodation. Only once has this been a posh hotel! This morning I wake up of the 28th floor of Flourish mansions in a small flat in the middle of Mong Kok. A deep sleep, catching up on those flights.

The Apple store in Festival Walk is open at 10am so I head there and it is packed. No wonder they are the worlds richest corporation. This is the closest store in HK to the mainland and people flock from Shenzen to buy at cheaper process than the mainland. I get to the Genius Bar and within an hour I am reunited with my data! A cable had broken between the hard disc and the motherboard. A strange feeling of relief come over me.

My friend Wingo has come to meet me and we go for breakfast and catch up. He was the production manager on the Long Walk in 2008 and we meet every year somewhere! We talk about his life on the island where he is now living and where he is hoping to develop a proper rooted community project. It sounds interesting and a long term idea.

Together we go to the office at CCCD where the afternoon is spent catching up on messages and getting my head around the 2 weeks ahead with Eric. We also talk about his future here and what his life will be like when he leaves CCCD to become freelance again. He has dedicated so many years to the organisation I can imagine it will be strange for both him and Mok (the director). A year ago they took on much more space at the JCCAC centre. This is what their bookings look like !

Samson then comes to meet me for a pot of tea in the Tea Rooms at the centre and we talk all about his PhD, his family life and what we might do together. There is a radio show to record on Wednesday with his mother-in-law, Nancy, a famous concert pianist and also a prison music worker. That will be interesting.

The day finishes with a Thai Green Curry from a food court and then a few hours planning my 'curriculum' for the training. I am alway re-examining what I have to offer and want to stay alive so can't rely on the same repertoire of games, songs and exercises. If it is just repeat, repeat, repeat I know I won't feel right. I have 18 people coming to WAYS INTO WORKSHOPS. I need to get it right.