Strange food


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 November 2015
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Every time I come to this city I run around my new neighbourhood to see what I can see. Here there is the Cherry Street Park with it's strange amphitheatre spaces, Tai Chi groups, older people exercising and runners. I sweat in the heat and my face turns red very quickly! Tomorrow I will try for a swim in the Sham Shui Po pool.

Ways into Workshops - a concept developed over 12 years ago and now the name I give to many of my training days focussed on CM practice development. Today 18 people will come for a 6 hour session to be followed by 2 evenings in the week. I arrive at the centre and set out the room - here is my collected table of instruments!

We will play, sing, discuss, share and think about why and what we do. Six of the people are part of an MA course in Expressive Art Therapy, the others are a mix of social workers, actors, artists and musicians. It turns out to be a great group and as the morning develops we really get to know each other and develop some trust. The improvising is very good and I try new and old songs and experiment with new ways of delivering old games!

Lunch is odd! Rice with tomato soup over it and 2 fried eggs! Hardly a great HK meal !

To keep energy focussed in the afternoon in the after lunch low energy slot I start with singing and action songs and then we talk and have conversations about learning - how we each individually learn. It is fascinating with people sharing experiences of learning how to drive and to cycle and also how to listen, to live life and to just 'be'.  At the start of the day one woman asked "is this a therapy day?". Certainly in this session we get in quite deep and I am very privileged at the open sharing that takes place. Quite lovely. Combine this with the physical drumming and singing and yes - this is therapy. Community Music Therapy!

At the end of the day I set some 'homework' and then rest for a bit before going to an experimental theatre show in cantonese with Eric and his mum. So strange. It is in an old cattle market/slaughterhouse complex that is now a set of arts venues. 


I sleep quite a bit, waking to hear strange music and see images of people with miniature pianos, trails of fairy lights, black bamboo poles and white faces.
We then go to eat veggie food. It is so good to meet Eric's mum after all the conversations we had with him about his family when he was with us in the UK for a year. We are his UK family and now we are united!