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Community Therapist?

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 25 November 2015
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Only day five!? 
It seems as if I have been away from the UK and my family for so long. 


Around by in a gallery in East Kowloon. A sonic experience to start the day with some simple great ideas. I would like to do a soundart festival in Morecambe someday. Maybe less 'arty'.   I particularly liked the sonic smash up of a car (Chelpa Ferro 2002) - maybe for next years Light Up Lancaster.


I am there with Eric and Gun (techie and producer from Confluence of Rivers project) and 2 of their friends. We wander around and interact with resonance speakers and pieces of copper!  I am reminded of my one minute sound pictures from my first trip to Beijing. I will try making one a day from now (they were 6 minute long field recordings mixed together).

Back at the office I go with Susan to interview the local noodle shop owner, Fei Go, a long time resident of the district. We work out a set of questions and a direction of travel for the interview and sit with him for 40 minutes. All in Cantonese I get small amounts of translation - enough to focus the conversation - and it is interesting to make a start. Immediately it changes my thinking about the project! There's no surprise. we reflect, analyse and I write down the gathered information in more detail. More interviews will follow.

Most of the rest of the afternoon is spent writing, thinking, catching up with emails and planning my upcoming sessions. Tonight is the next session for the group of 18 Ways into Workshops people. My plan is simple - to recap, get them to lead, make some new songs and also to talk about therapy in the context of community development. The definition of the term interests me because I think of it determining a clinical approach to personal development that needs a specific training. When we do talk about it in the session the music and art therapists talk about the evaluation of change being the key aspect and when  think of that in terms of our work in the community it is easy to see us as community therapists developing projects that we evaluate against specific outcomes. Is this a useful topic?
We sing, we play, we invent and then I go home.

I am heading for a conversation with my mother and sisters. Today was my dad's birthday. He died only 3 months ago and over these few days he has been very much in my mind. He was a most wonderful man - a kind listener, a great piano player, a massive thinker and an inspiration to many - including me!