One Day to go

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 12 October 2017
Tagged with: 24 Hour Music Party

Today we have been making the forms for the new Friends scheme, finalising loading lists, taking down staging to make a ramp for access, working out the derig, getting the twitter feed scheduled and imaging how to do the drone record. Team working well!!


The middle of the night shift looks like this ! 

5:00  Improvising environmental percussion as film soundtrack
Get your matchsticks in position to keep your eyes open to watch and respond musically on bits of stuff and actual instruments to double-take, deja vu fuelled moving images

6:00  Musical Games
Get moving and sing start your morning with the More Music workshop leaders in a participatory session to wake everyone up.

7:00  Yoga and sunrise chanting
Blinking into the light of the new day with sunrise chanting and yoga session. Open to everyone.

8:00  Hip Hop to Wake Up
As it says on the box - join merry pranksters and beatboxers to rhythm yourself into a new day. Come with your words and ideas and beats.

9:00  Walk Down the Street Gamelan
Our Gamelan for early years completes our morning of participatory activities to help you start your Music Festival Saturday. Come and play!

10:00  Childrens Choir
Open to any children to come and sing great fun songs with Anni, Nicky and guest singers from Greece and India. Easy to join in.

TODAY, MOST IMPORTANTLY, we have been working out how to get people to donate.. via the button, forms or buckets.

Target is £2000