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Morecambe Street Walking Tour

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 5 October 2017
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22 years ago I was privileged to work with Geoff, Boris and Sarah on a project called Morecambe Streets. We talked with people in their centres, their houses, their schools and even on the street and turned the conversations into songs and poems. We completed over 450 songs and poems in this unique Parish Map.

There were songs about dogs and cats, sofas and beds, bathrooms and hallways, views and street corners, photos and cookers, storage heaters and boats, cars, bikes, mice, smells, tastes, friends and family.

We performed these in gigs at various venues around the district and then artist John Angus worked with people to create simple screen prints. 

Finally we performed a number of the songs on a walking tour of the West End, singing songs in the places where they were written.

And on  October 8th the tour sets off again at 11am, 1pm and 3pm starting in Alexandra Park as part of the West End Weekend.

Please do come along .