Hip Hop to  Wake Up

7 hours to go

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 14 October 2017
Tagged with: 24 Hour Music Party


' sitting here listening to Supreme DJ Flash playing Hip Hop tunes to wake up as all around me the Walk down the street gamelan is being constructed. We've made it through the night only 7 hours to go and I'm going strong - fuelled by great samosas from Shanaz, juice, fruit and snacks. There have been some great highlights of the event so far - I'll share them when we've done - in the meantime this is what is coming up.

10:00  Children's Choir
Open to any children to come and sing great fun songs with Anni, Nicky and guest singers from Greece and India. Easy to join in.

11:00  Dragon and drums parade to square for Chinese Orchestra
We're venturing back outside, and in style with our Chinese Dragon and Drum Parade to Dalton Square


12:00  HH folk band and kids ceilidh

Join us in Market Square for our special and only slightly silly, kids and parent's ceilidh. Come and dance with us. 

13:00  Singing Hour - Songs of Protest
Rally round to join us in solidarity as we sing songs from the past and the future and carry on the musical campaign for a fairer and more equal society.

14:00  Boogie Bills Singalong
Boogie, swing and piano bar classics for your listening pleasure from Lancaster's very own boogie-woogie piano star, Boogie Bill Roberts.

15:00  More Music's 24 Hour Finale Jam
We celebrate in style with a giant finale of a band put together in the moment specially for Lancaster Music Festival.

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