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This coming weekend MORE MUSIC is producing a 24 hour Music Party @ LMF2017 with the aim of raising funds for our Homeless Action music programme in Lancaster.
People taking part in the music sessions describe how singing, in particular, has lifted their spirits  'the only reason I walk the planet' and restored their self-belief  'singing has really helped my confidence'
They also say it makes a significant contribution to their recovery from addiction  'helps me deal with the bad stuff that happens' and has helped them refocus and rebuild their lives, securing and maintaining a home and returning to paid employment.

This is why over 300 people will be giving their musical energy for free over the 24 hours that start in Market Square at 4pm.
If you want to support the work please 
1. go to our home page and press DONATE or 
2. come down and see us at the APOTHECARY or
3. find a musician and sponsor them

These are the first 4 hours.

16:00   Stages Live in Market Square
Start the party with us in Market Square. An eclectic and electric mix of performances from the young bands in More Music's rock-band project, Stages. You saw them here first! 

17:30   Baybeat Street Band round town
More Music's highly excitable and high energy street band bringing samba grooves and catchy tunes to the streets of Lancaster.

18:00   Sing Round the World in 20 songs at Horseshoe corner
Come and join us and sing easy songs from India, Greece, Cameroon, Hong Kong, Scotland, France, Brazil and more

19:00   Baybeat and One Man Band paradeS round town
More Music taking over Lancaster streets with the big sounds of Baybeat Street Band and the Fastest One Man Band in the World, Captain Cabaret and The Steve Varden electric wheelchair, electronica one man band Experience.