Singing across timezones

2 days to go

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 11 October 2017
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Last night I talked with Rafe in Sao Paulo, Brazil about the part he will play in the 24 hour party.


He spent 2 periods of time with us in 2015 and 2016, finding out about community music, performing and teaching and learning beatbox skills. He will be joined by long time collaborator Eric from Hong Kong who worked with us on the Long Walk in 2008 and then spent 9 months on a Clore Fellowship at More Music. The third international partner in the 4am slot will be Moritz from Cologne as we try to make music across the time zones.

Read below to get a feel for the hour by hour countdown!

20:00  World record attempt at most people making the longest drone
As we move indoors a mellower tone. Loads of people making a singular drone. A high wire, world record attempt. Come and join us upstairs at The Apothecary

21:00  Stages Live feat. Youth Orbit
Urban rock jazz punk? Yes! Our young bands from Stages and Friday Night Project take over our indoor stage with brand new tunes, sets, bands and more.

22:00  Paddy Garrigan and The Stroller Priests
Alt-folk/rock complete with melodic story songs, wig outs and pleasant squawks. Grunge, rock'n'roll, mandolin dub and guitar heroics.

23:00  Guns of Navarone
The authentic sound of ska from one of Lancaster's longest running bands. A full 4 horn lineup playing instrumental ska a la The Skatalites.

24:00  Kollega
Electric pedal-board electro jazz from a quartet half in the synth electo field, half in contemporary jazz world.

1:00  Frenchie and Friends
This great songwriter and guitarist collects his friends to sing into the night. We are hoping to hear the songs that will soon be recorded for Roaming Vox

2:00  Continuous evolving loop with audience participation
Hosted by EZXP's and Schooltrip's Leroy Lupton, a soundscape for the sense taking us into the early hours.

3:00  Political Calypso Creations
Join in with a live song writing experience, brand new songs written and performed in instants by Pete Moser and with your ideas and contributions.

4:00  Live stream performance from Taiwan (Eric), Munich (Moritz) Brazil (Rafe)
Songs and tunes from our friends around the world all who have been here in the UK working with More Music over the years.

All the rest will be revealed tomorrow !