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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 6 October 2014
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I'm off again and I get the same set of nerves as ever.
This time it feels slightly more into the unknown for a variety of reasons.
In Hong Kong the recent protests have consumed the energy and attention of my musician friends and have put our work there in a new context.
In Shenzen I am going into a new world with a partner I don't know so well and in Macau (where the main bulk of the work will take place ) I am worried that the people are not absolutely on track with recruitment etc.
This trip is the next step in the 7 year partnership with CCCD in Hong Kong. Projects in 4 places with a mix of performances, workshops, presentations, training and ongoing partnership and funder meetings.

The first week is in Hong Kong and focussed on the "Lost and Found" ConFest at Hong Kong University (HKU) where I have developed a great relationship with Chi Chung - a radio DJ and head of the Gen Ed department.  I'll do a One Man Band parade, a concert (hopefully featuring songs from the protest) and a 2 hour music workshop titled CREATIVE CONSEQUENCES.
Then on Friday to SHENZEN in Southern China - a massive massive fast growing city where the 2 day project is called FIRST STEPS. I am working in the community of Dalang which comprises 8,000 locals and approx. 500,000 migrant workers aged on average 23! I did a day with these local community artists last year in an urban village square in Baizhou and they have now raised funding for a 2 day visit of workshops and performance. 

Sunday night late, I take a train to Guangzhou to work with Hannah Baldwin, a 'sand grown un' who has ended up as the music teacher at Utaloy International School. Hannah was part of our projects for years in the 90's before training as a music teacher.  Now here she is - settled in China and booking me to run rhythm and creative workshops in the school!

Then to Macau for an 8 day project with a series of 6 training workshops followed by community sessions in a variety of settings. Working with the Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association.. Who knows how this will go!

I am also hoping to run some sessions in Hong Kong with potentially a Community Music Gathering, am Advanced Community Music Training and a Fundraising Event for CCCD. Watch this space.. Can't tell what it'll be like until I get there !
This was last weekend...

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