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Tap Bit Dik Tun Tai

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 17 October 2014
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Planning, visiting portuguese school, session at school for excluded kids, OMB parade in Park, Festival de Luminarious and Show of the Dancing  Water at the City of Dreams. A full day. 


Nearly two weeks away and I'm eating along
Portuguese food in this eastern city of Macau
A place of mosaic pavements and soft yellow facades
Of blue and white fishing boats with red flags
Neon bright casino fronts
Money and dirt, crowded small buses and limousines
Smiling old people in colonial parks
7/11 shops and pavement congee breakfast bars
Hard working people earning as croupiers, cleaners or 
On building sites making the new 'fun' palaces
Hundreds of scooters traverse narrow steep streets
Climbing from the new coastline
Created from reclaimed land, year after year.
These streets of Old Macau hold truthfully to the land
The new grand sites of luxury hotels seem to exploit the sea
Making a mockery out of nature in their grand VIP ostentation.
This is China
Where there are street side temples smoking incense
Where something drives a gambling culture
Where I come every year to play and look and listen and learn
From a culture that, here in Macau, seems to have 
A sense of it's own place in history.




What can I give
To these 3 fragile teenagers
In 90 minutes in a school hall

What can I give
To the old and young 
In 60 minutes in the Largo de Camoes

What can I give?
Raise a smile
Open a door
Suggest that
Music can change lives.
Who listens?
Who cares? 

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