Watch out for the  typhoon

Origami Umbrella

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 19 October 2014
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I run to the top of the fortress
Where the typhoon warnings are hoisted high above the town
Past milling group of mainland tourists around the ruins of the church
Down more mosaiced streets where the blue and white street signs
All confirm a colonial past that is integrated into this
Bustling chinese city.

I plan 2 hours of musical activity at the 
Teen Correction facility to include the singing of
Imagine and Dream and the writing of a new song that will
Go a little deeper than the simple positive statements of yesterday
18 young men who want to connect and use music to express
and to let go as they spend a year or more in this 'prison' where 
From the windows they can see the airport, the casinos, the stadium
and the multiple building projects that scour the land

I travel back to Hong Kong on an early evening boat
To take to the streets again but this time with a drum on my back.
Well looked after by my new friend Tony from Hungary
Who's fantastic positive smile and chat caught me at HKU and brought me here
To celebrate Clockenflap - a festival of music, arts and culture in its
8th year - run by a group of men who have, mostly, grown up in this city.
I run past many bars in this 'cool' district of Soho,
Steep streets and escalators where people wander, drink and eat
Until I come back to the Miniflap and play
Silently in the Silent Disco until headphones on I begin to 
Kick out - and sweat a little more.

I meet my new host, Frank, son of Hugh and we take the MTR
Back to Jordan where I will stay for a few nights.
I drop my bags and head straight out to the protest 20 minutes
Up the Road.
They have retaken the streets. I sit and talk with Herman
In the peaceful quiet end of the empty road and he tells me
His story and how he has been trying to talk with his parents.
I walk and find a group making origami umbrellas.
This is it - this is where I am meant to be.
I sit and fold and chat to a small group of missed ages.
This is a protest of the people - young old poor rich.
Amazed again I walk to the busy end where the standoff stalemate of 
Police vs Protesters is raising the noise level.
What will these helmeted gauntleted people do when the protest
Is over  - which surely one day it will be.
Their energy raised, their minds and spirits alive.
This is something that will change the city for ever.
The typhoon is here.

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