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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 16 October 2014
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On the 2 hour bus journey through the Pearl Delta the rivers are immense, the fields of banana palms and rice paddies stretch on and on, the fish farms line the road and the factories come and go. I look out of the windows and listen to music by my good friend Yin Ng and his band Siu 2 - a fusion of jazz and traditional music in texture, melody, rhythm and harmony - some of the best stuff I have come across in all my travels over here.
The border crossing is quite easy with smaller queues as we move from the special economic zone where the Macau factories are towards casino land and the old city. I get onto to a courtesy bus that takes me to the Sands Casino, close to where I am staying, and then a taxi to arrive at the home of Windbox Theatre Collective. 

I will be sleeping on the balcony of the office! It is great, clean and welcoming. Here is my breakfast cafe and local temple!


Sofia, my new translator, takes me to a Budhist cafe for lunch and we talk and I explain what i do and what I hope from the residency here. If you have been reading the blogs you will have heard how I have been worried about the lack of real planning by Arvin and Mandy from the partner organisation. They are paying well to have me here and I want to deliver a good job but if they are not ready for me then what can I do!!!

The aim is to start to establish a community music scene through working with local musicians, running example sessions and networking in the social work and cultural sectors. 2 hours later when Mandy has arrived at the office we have discovered that Sofia is a powerful mover, with connections and a desire to make things happen. Married to a Portuguese architect, with 2 kids (7 and 8) she understand what I am hoping for and starts calling, emailing and texting. It is going to be ok! 


At 4.30 in the afternoon I put on the OMB and head out to the local park with Mandy to get out there and play! It is great - so surprising for the local young and old. We end up at a park where we get out the sticks and hit metal with a group of young kids. It is mad but a great fun start. 

In the evening we carry on planning and go down to the Escola de Arts and Cultura, Portuguese - am amazing set of floors in a big warehouse where there are studios for music, dance and visual arts, a regular set of classes and a very dynamic woman called Elisa Vilaca who leads it all. Wow. What a place and what energy.


This weekend is a big Portuguese Festival de Lusifonia and they are preparing. We make friends and I offer performances for the saturday afternoon.

By the end of the day we have set up the following sessions - a portuguese school show, a workshops in a school for excluded kids, in a drug rehab centre and an SEN school. 3 Creative Music Sessions at the Escola des Artes, 3 street performances and ... who knows what else will come. Hooray.

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